What is Kissets?

Kissets is a new breed of synthetic species designed to erode the causes of depression and to completely and irreversibly cure it.
Kissets is what genetic engineering can offer to humanity without directly modifying the human genome.
Unlike most antidepressants Kissets have no side effects other than increased levels of bliss and self-confidence ; and has practically no withdrawal symptoms upon the completion of KT4D ( Kisset Therapy For Depression) .


Depression , as a mother of many maladies, has been around since the dawn of mankind whereas depression as a pandemic has only become noticeable in the past few decades . According to World Health Organization ,by the year 2020, depression is projected to reach 2nd place of the ranking of DALYs(Disability Adjusted Life Years) calculated for all ages, both sexes. Today, depression is already the 2nd cause of DALYs in the age category 15-44 years for both sexes combined.

Figures on depression tell an alarming story : despite the enthusiastic claims of pharmaceutical science depression cannot be wiped out. If depression could be seen as losing one's inner sun, statistics on depression indicate the presence of a massive black hole eating billions of suns up each and every day. Depression is not personal but impersonal, where curing one could lead to curing many.

How Kissets Work?

Kissets is a genetically modified attempt to bring sunshine and warmth to depression patients. By providing the patient with constant company a Kisset can provide physical warmth, light, tactile exchange, intimacy and play .A Kisset's goal is to evoke love and enable being loved.

Based on the concept of ultimate pet, Kissets are specifically engineered to ensure the mental well being of a patient . Whereas traditional pets such as dogs and cats can be taxing to take care of especially for those suffering from severe depression , Kissets don't put any extra burden on the patient . Kissets are self-sufficient animate units that are highly capable of taking care of themselves . They are hypoallergenic and can be customized depending on the patientís aesthetic and sensory needs .

Kissets recognize the patient though olfactory and haptic cues and synchronize with the patient's nervous system. Enhanced Empathy ™ unit helps them follow the patient's mood patterns closely . Mood Monitor ™ unit allows them to observe and record highly precious biometrics information about the patient over prolonged periods of time. This data is used to accurately determine the emotional status of the patient over certain time units (daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports). Custom Haptics ™ takes advantage of the patient's sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, and/or motions to the patient to stimulate the somatosensory system as to generate pleasurable sensations such as warmth, softness, smoothness etc.

Unlike traditional antidepressant medications, Kissets is more than distributing chemicals to specific areas of the brain . It is a holistic approach that recognizes lack of love , deprivation of touch and isolation as the main causes of depression and utilizes the body's self recovery systems to cure itself. Rather than masking the real issue with a pill , Kissets attack the root of the malaise : the lack of love , empathy and connectedness.

Design your own kisset

Kisset designer is a tool that allows the patient to customize the Kissets. Kissets can come in many textures, colors and varying sizes depending on the patients somatosensory needs.


  • "...for the first time I can distinguish between day and night after seventeen years" Joseph , 35
  • "...gives me a warm , tingly feeling deep inside, like when my mother used the hold me when I was a baby , before the foster home and the abuse and the drugs" Oli , 24
  • "I cannot recommend this enough, if it was a movie I'd give it six thumbs up" Derek , 19
  • "I don't need cocaine anymore " Susan , 42
  • Kissets is an evolutionary step forward in the concept of love.